Dear Parents:

Cherish Care Staffing is committed to delivering the best service you and your child deserve. For that reason, we are inviting you to participate in our Service Experience Survey. Your feedback is important in the fulfillment of our organizational mission and in our commitment to ensure quality service, integrity, and efficiency of our services and staff members. Rest assured that your participation is completely confidential.

Kindly take the time to provide your evaluation rating below: EXCELLENT as very good, GOOD as meeting expectation and POOR as needing improvement.


Knowledgeable and answer questions thoroughly

Return phone calls in a timely manner

Professional and respectful

Able to explain our services thoroughly

Able to explain our services thoroughly

Communicate and resolve issues and concerns efficiently


On time to the shift

Compassionate and engaging to your child

Provide respite care tasks thoroughly

Exhibit positive attitude towards you and your child

Provide timesheet promptly

Report work hours truthfully

Utilize time completely

Please add the name of your Respite Care Provider:
Any additional comments/concerns that you feel we need to know:
Parent Name:
Client Name:


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